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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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Using Drama For Learning

Using Drama for Learning encourages each participant to understand the thinking behind using Drama as a learning tool. Teachers can use this learning within their classrooms to make their student interactions more fun and meaningful. Many participants from our UDL series have gone on to become Drama teachers in their schools, or have joined the Young People’s Theatre Programme.

Through a two-part series of workshops, teachers, theatre practitioners, educators, learning and development trainers, students of Theatre, B.Ed candidates, and anyone interested in using Drama techniques and exercises in their work. are first taught the fundamentals of facilitating a drama exercise, and are equipped with a toolkit of games and exercises. In the second part, they are shown how to plan Drama-based training engagements, and create lesson plans, with an eye on teaching objectives and the strengths of the facilitator.

The Using Drama for Learning series facilitates learning by doing.

  • Participants amass a bank of Drama games and exercises and learn how to facilitate them.
  • They identify and understand the purpose of every exercise, how it may be applied to other subjects, and how play leads to learning.
  • They structure sessions with age-appropriate methods for a range of target groups in real-time situations.
  • They experience and learn techniques critical to their development and that of the children they teach, including the importance and value of reflection.

Find out what some of our trainers and teachers have to say about the drama games learnt.

Contact us to find out when our next workshop is,  or commission one for your school teachers through our Teaching Drama programme.