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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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Be a Drama Teacher Today

Teaching Stories: Let the World know Your Truth!

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Teachers create magick everyday. But very rarely is that magic recognized, much less applauded. Which is why we at Theatre Professionals want to bring your stories front and centre and create the much needed narrative of teachers and their classroom experiences. So, do you have a story for us? You don’t need to be a drama teacher. But if you have worked with children and want to celebrate moments from your classroom, write in to us and share your story in 200 words or less. Top stories stand a chance to be published on our website and become inspiration and reference material for teachers all over the world. What’s more, we’ll give our favourite entries a dramatic surprise!

Do note:

  • The story must be a true account of a teacher working with children. No fiction please.
  • 200 words or less
  • Include your name and contact details. You can also include pictures if you like.
  • Maximum 3 entries per person
  • And if you need some help, do write in to the same mail id and we’ll get back to you.
  • Send in your entries to You can also reach us on Facebook or send a voice note with these details to 09769088514

Let’s tell stories together. Let’s teach.

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