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Annual Days

The Young People’s Theatre Programme creates Annual Days that fully involve every student and teacher. They are a showcase of the child’s learning journey and an opportunity for parents to witness their child’s progress. Our Annual Days are robust processes that are replicable and maintain standards, year on year.

This programme is aimed at EVERY school that sees the need to present a well-executed, professional showcase of the quality of education the school provides, in an entertaining, enriching way.

We commission a team comprising Drama practitioners, choreographers, and educators. Our engagement is process-based; from scripting to rehearsal and design supervision, to final polishing and execution on show day. We spend time with the school management, teachers and students, to understand what exactly is required; from the location, logistics, and scheduling, to identifying teachers with creative skill sets who can contribute, such as music, sets, costumes.

  • We employ our Drama skills and experience to define and share methods and responsibilities, in a process that has visible, far-reaching outcomes.
  • Our team works inclusively with your teachers, on how to actively engage children, competent staging techniques, and how to cultivate a director’s eye.
  • We encourage students and teachers to participate in the process, from creating and authoring the scenes themselves, to making props, and other aspects of production.
  • Our methods are designed to improve with each Annual Day at your school, empowering the staff and students with a process over which they have complete ownership. In the longer term, we look to your Annual Day becoming a self-led activity, with very little supervisory inputs from us.

Read about the day Basavraj, one of our students, shone at an Annual Day.

We understand that activities and the quality of annual days need seeing to be believed. Do write to us if this has piqued your interest and you’d like to have a look at some of the annual days we’ve worked on in the past.