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The Carnival borrows from the Promenade theatre format. Children lead parents from one performance to the next, through libraries, classrooms, laboratories, playgrounds and cafeteria. These spaces are converted from the mundane to the magical, transporting audiences along a journey devised by the players.

The uniquely intimate nature of the Carnival allows children and parents to experience each other up close, in performance. They discover with each show that every audience has different reactions, and learn to adapt. The parents get to see their children performing for longer, shining in the spotlight!

The result is spectacular, and distinctly different from the known Annual Day.

This programme is aimed at schools that want a process that actively elicits faculty involvement, works as a large-scale, team-building exercise, and displays the school’s ability to harness collaboration and achievement on many levels. The Carnival accommodates large-format productions, up to even 400 children.

The process followed is:

  • We understand the school’s objectives, its existing strengths, the physical layout. We prepare a very detailed brief on what exactly is required.
  • We then commission a team that can work with the school, specific to the brief.
  • We work with the Art department to identify venues across school and how best to use them. We work with teachers and students to design how it will run – from space to space – for the full story.
  • We decide on a theme, together. We inform, include and involve the teachers in all aspects of the process, from the big picture, to the smallest detail.
  • We create performances that are 7 to 10 minutes long; bite-sized chunks that will play over 3 days, which makes execution and management simpler.
  • Each group performs multiple times to different audiences: parents walk through in batches of 50-75, and visit 5 or 6 spaces over a thematic journey that is about 90 minutes long.

Find out what one of our parents has to say about their experience with the carnival.

We understand that the carnival needs seeing to be believed. Do write to us if this has piqued your interest and you’d like to have a look at some of the carnivals we’ve worked with in the past.