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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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Developing Soft Skills For Teachers

Drama develops the teacher 360 degrees. It exposes them to new ways of engaging their students, encourages them to express themselves, and creates proactive team players who champion learning in the classroom through intensive workshops that focus on communication, interpersonal skills, team building, critical thinking, developing and maintaining a positive attitude, and working together.

The programme is aimed at EVERY teacher, across grade and subject; administrators, management.

The Young People’s Theatre Programme facilitates learning activities, experiences, and opportunities for teachers to practice and sharpen these skills.

  • We identify, with the school’s inputs, which skills need specific attention in the staff group.
  • We design a programme suited to the group and the school’s requirement; from short workshops to more sustained engagements.
  • We help build capacity in the areas of teamwork, listening, empathy, initiative, imagination, ownership, and problem solving.
  • We deliver your programme, backed by assessments and reports of the impact of this training on the teacher group.

The Young People’s Theatre Programme looks to the development of not just the child, but the teacher as well. We want to use the framework of Drama to provide all learners a space to explore, experience, and understand what it is to become good human beings.

Find out what our tecahers have to say from our programme at the Ecole Mondiale school.