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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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IBDP Theatre Arts

The Young People’s Theatre Programme goes beyond providing ISTA-qualified trainers to supervise and deliver instruction as prescribed by the IBDP Theatre Arts curriculum. Theatre Professionals’ extensive network gives students a distinct advantage: unprecedented access to actors, directors, and theatre-makers from across India and the world with which to explore the IBDP Theatre Arts curriculum.

In addition to ensuring that a single highly qualified instructor takes the students through grade 11 and 12 of the programme:

  • We set up interactions with master practitioners in Clown, Japanese Noh, Butoh and Bunraku Puppetry, Kallaripayatu, Growtowski, Theatre of the Oppressed, French Mime, Kathakali, Koodiyattom, Brecht, Stanislavsky, and so on.
  • We take students to plays in Mumbai and arrange for them to meet the director and cast to understand what goes into the making of the productions they have just seen.
  • We provide students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to work in backstage placements and short rehearsal room internships, to understand better the technical aspects behind performance and production.
  • We assign students a professional mentor with subject matter knowledge, under whose guidance they can execute their specific project.

Through our group projects and assigned tasks within the core teaching syllabus, students are guided to “understand the dynamic, holistic and evolving nature of theatre and the interdependencies of all aspects of this art form”.

Read more from the log of a Grade 11 teacher, on how the Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppetry of Indonesia was explored in our trainer Kalyani Hiwale’s class.