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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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The Young People’s Theatre Programme tailors a curriculum for schools that follow the ICSE and CBSE boards. From the pre-primary to the 10th grade, students explore imagination, improvisation, story creation and expression via role play, puppetry, story-making and story-telling.

Class work is aimed to enhance creative skills and help children verbalise their thoughts and ideas. Our goal is to build upon how effectively a child learns to better absorb what is taught in your school. In the primary years, we focus on learning and development, in the middle years, self expression, and in the senior years, Theatre as a subject.

  • We conduct regularly-scheduled Drama classes within the school timetable throughout the year. We dedicate 1 to 2 hours a week to each class.
  • We create original content for each school, from annual plans to individual lesson plans. We maintain an annual progress record; provide the school with regular reviews, and student assessments and feedback.
  • When possible, we integrate our unit plans and annual plans with themes and areas of inquiry being explored at the grade level, or school-wide.
  • Many of our Drama classes are designed to end the unit with a culmination activity either at school assemblies or for small in-class sharings.
  • We connect with class teachers and the school’s academic culture. We run induction workshops for all teachers to help them understand our purpose in the school, and with that, build strong working relationships with your staff.

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