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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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The Young People’s Theatre Programme offers a distinct perspective on English language Drama and gives candidates a practical-based qualification, as dictated by the IGCSE curriculum. Theatre Professionals’ extensive network and varied experience ensures that students eventually emerge with a working knowledge of theatre, what it means to be a theatre maker, as well as a critical audience.

  • We explore those aspects that contribute to students’ overall understanding and development of Drama in theory and as a performance art.
  • We cover Forms of Theatre, Dramatic Techniques and Styles, Variety of Plays and Play Analysis, Playwriting, Dramaturgy and Staging, Basics of Set-Design, Lighting and Sound Design for a performance, Devised theatre, Writing about Theatre and Reflections.
  • We work with students to create three pieces of practical work – a monologue, a group-scripted performance, and a group-devised performance.
  • We train students to write about their understanding of theatre and the performance possibilities of text through the differing standpoints of actor, director, stage manager and technician.

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