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Municipal Schools

The Young People’s Theatre Programme has worked with foundations, trusts, NGOs, and third party agencies to bring Drama to the lives of children in municipal schools, to create a safe space for self expression and development for the children who attend these schools.

Through this programme, we strive to create an environment where every child, irrespective of the medium of education, has the platform to tell their own stories, whilst providing a secure environment in which they can shore up the skills, confidence, and attitudes needed to negotiate their realities.

We do this by beginning to establish a personal rapport with the children, and creating a syllabus that introduces theatre games with Mime, Movement, Improvisation, Street Theatre and facets from the Theatre of the Oppressed. We work with the school and the NGO to accommodate the shifts and breaks that the average BMC school undergoes.

  • It creates the opportunity for play.
  • It opens up the Voice, Body and Imagination, so that these children have the means and methods to be able to express themselves constructively.
  • It uses Drama as a vehicle of expression that is relevant to the world and environment of the student both inside and outside school.

The YPTP has taught for a number of BMC schools under the purview of projects undertaken by the Salaam Bombay Foundation, Vidya India, and the Rotary Club of Mumbai.

Read about Kalyani Hiwale’s experience teaching at schools as part of this programme.