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Summer 2016: Children’s Theatre Workshops


Summer Theatre Workshops 2016 for Children at Bandra, Borivali, Mulund & Navi Mumbai

Download a full venue-based schedule of the Summer Theatre Workshops for Children. To register call 9967736043 or click here

1. Borivali – click here

2. Bandra – click here

3. Mulund – click here

4. Navi Mumbai – click here

Find out more about the workshops and the instructors:

1. Moving Stories (8-12 years)

Dance drama and movement techniques combine in this summer theatre workshop for children. It will bring stories and text to life. The workshop is designed to improve kinaesthetic awareness. It will also engage young minds with the magic of storytelling.


Tejashree Pandit

Tejashree is a graduate in Kathak from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Vidyalaya. She also holds a Diploma in dance from the Terence Lewis Academy. Tejashree has experience in dance and coordination and has choreographed several school annual day productions . She is currently working as a Dance Education specialist. She is also an instructor with the Fitkids company, where she is part of the Grooming Artistic and Innovation and Talent (GAIT) programme.

Surbhi Kariwala

Surbhi has completed her Certification in Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) from the World Center for Creative Learning Foundation, Pune, India. She has been practising ABT since the past 5 years. She has worked with organizations like Sneh and ADAPT . She is currently working with The Gateway School, Mumbai as a Movement Facilitator.She is trained in Latin-American dancing and teaches dance along with wedding and event choreography. She has even represented India in an International Folk Dance Festival held in Belgium in 2000.

2. Little Wings ( 4-7 years / 7-10 years)

A movement and theatre workshop for your little ones. Tools such as sensory experiences, story-telling, music & visual stimuli are used. This summer theatre workshop for children will get them to respond to and learn about the magic of movement.


Komal Gujarathi

Komal has trained in Bharatnatyam under Guru. Padmashri Dr. Sucheta Chapekar. She has aslo trained in contemporary dance at Attakalari in Bangalore. Komal loves to dance and moves like a dream and has been working with kids for the past 6 years. She is especially brilliant at getting children to become comfortable with their bodies and use their full being to tell stories and interact one another.

Swarali Marathe

Swarali has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Life Skills & Counselling. Her qualifications and years of experience make Swarali a formidable force in the drama classroom. She specializes in using art for personal development and self expression. Her practice incorporates Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. Swarali is always full of energy and brings out the strengths of any group she works with. She is a great influence on children and makes them see colours they didn’t know they had within them.

3. Fun with Shakespeare (13-16 years)

This workshops aims to bring the joy of playing Shakespeare to students through a summer theatre workshop for children. Through both performance and analysis students will find a there is nothing boring about the Bard. The workshops aims to inspire students and make Shakespeare’s words both fun and meaningful.


Deshik Vansadia

Deshik studied acting at the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles and later with Shakespeare & Co. Subsequently, he worked with the company, performing and teaching Shakespeare across the United States. He’s brought his love for our favourite bard in beard back to India and has done several plays and projects based on him. When teaching children the relevance of Shakespeare, there can be no one more competent.

4. Bringing Books to Life ( 8-11 years /12-14 years)

It might be Mr Men, Dr Suess, Shel Silverstein, Julia Donaldson or another wonderful writer of children’s books. This summer theatre workshop for children will help them bring these books to life through drama and theatre exercises. They will step into that magickal world where books allow us to believe that anything is possible and nothing is beyond our reach.


Abhishek Panchal

Abhishek is an artist, arts manager, curator and teacher, specializing in experimental abstract artwork in acrylic or ink. He recently illustrated the mapping game – MY MUMBAI, for the Yellow Pinwheel Kids Project. Abhishek also started the Bombay Pencil Jammers . Currently he can be found conducting art and drama workshops in schools for the British Council Library’s Summer Reading Challenge.

5. Acting Shmacting ( 8-11 years /12-14 years)

This is our most popular summer theatre workshop for children. Drama and theatre should never be boring. These workshops allow participants to explore various aspects and elements of acting such as comedy, tragedy, horror and melodrama.


Shaun Williams

Shaun has been trained by the best in Improv Comedy, Kalaripayattu, Butoh, Clowning, Ensemble theatre and Physical theatre. He excels at making workshops delightful and extraordinary. His work with children helps unlock creativity, boost confidence and enhancing communication skills through acting. If you don’t believe us, check the numerous Flipkart ads he’s trained children in.

Neha Singh:

Neha’s play for children ‘Island’ opened at Summertime Prithvi and at Summer fiesta NCPA last year. She also writes for children and her books ‘The Wednesday Bazaar’ and ‘Bela missed her Train‘ have been published by Karadi Tales. She runs a women’s movement called ‘Why loiter?’ that aims at reclaiming public spaces and blogs at

Gurleen Judge

Gurleen Judge teaches drama at an after-school centre as part of TPPL’s Young People’s Theatre Programme. She has been working in theatre for 4 years now. She began working with kids through summer theatre workshops in 2012. She is interested in using drama and related arts to enable different ways of learning among children. She hopes to contribute to a system of education that promotes and enriches the individuality of the child while sensitizing them to the world we inhabit. Gurleen also works for Theatre Professionals as a Programme Assistant.

Gerish Khemani

Gerish is a thinker, actor and director. He teaches children to be owners of their thoughts and actions through theatre. He’s has been part of everything from the Arabian Nights to Charandas Chor and believes in sharing stories he passionately believes in. He is a terrific medium to show children how to explore their inner lives and express themselves fully through drama. To know more about his work here.

6. Puppets and Masks (8-12 years)

This summer theatre workshop for children is unique. It will teach children to learn a new craft that challenges them to use their voices and expressions in a new way. Bringing life to puppet or a mask requires focus and concentration. And thus this summer theatre workshop for children helps them develop skills useful beyond the workshop itself.


Kapil Dev

Kapil is an actor, writer and puppeteer. He has acted in 30 plays and written 3 full length plays. He holds a Diploma in Puppet theatre from the Dramatiska Institutet at The University of Sweden. He has conducted theatre and puppetry workshops for children at NGOs – Disha, Mobile Crèches, Casp Plan in New Delhi and Arohi in Nainital.

Only at Bandra!

7. Shakespeare with Puppets (13-16 years)

This workshop uses Shakespeare in a fun and accessible way. Puppets belong to a place where anything is possible. Bringing the two together creates a platform for a world of enchantment for students to explore.


Shaizia Jifri

Shaizia is Theatre Professionals‘ resident Puppet Master! She is constant source of information, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom, experience energy and all-round goodness. She has taught Drama for 7 years in various schools in Mumbai and Bangalore and has been trained in German Methods of Theatre Pedagogy, Theatre of the Oppressed and of course Puppetry! This Drama Bazaar, Shaizia brings Shakespeare alive with puppets – a sure-fire way to ensure that your child never misses a beat with the Bard!

8. Little Jazz Hands (4-7 years / 7-10 years)

This summer theatre workshop for children uses jazz in a fun way for your little ones. It will bring stories and text to life. The workshop is designed to improve kinaesthetic awareness. It will also engage young minds with the magic of storytelling.


Shruti Jasani

Shruti has a Diploma from Terence Lewis Academy of Dance. She visited summer school at New York University in 2013. There she discovered her love for Aerial Silk. She is has been affiliated to Trinity College of London since 2006 and teaches both Dance and Drama. She founded ‘The Wooden Stage‘ which specializes in teaching the Aerial Silk Art to kids as well as adults. Here’s a dekho at her work with kids through the Wooden Stage.

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