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Teaching Drama

In the last 5 years, we have taught many individuals the art of drama facilitation through our Using Drama for Learning workshops. We now bring this competency to your teachers through our Teaching Drama programme – a first step towards putting your staff on the road to setting up a self-reliant drama department in the long run.

The Young People’s Theatre Programme supports your teachers with Drama techniques and exercises, mentoring them to bring fresh perspective, energy, and ideas to their Drama practice.

The programme is aimed at ALL teachers at the pre-primary and primary levels; and beyond, those teachers with a passion for Drama, who see its potential applications in other subject areas.

Over time, we identify teachers from your team who can be mentored to become your school’s in-house Drama teachers, and through sustained engagement, develop a self-sustaining Drama department that subscribes to your school’s vision.

  • We begin with workshops that introduce movement, rhyme and rhythm, choral work, mime and voice, and how these forms can be used in the classroom.
  • We design all training to be a “learn-and-apply” experience, introduce new concepts each week, and get teachers to achieve goals in their classrooms between sessions, providing feedback and an opportunity to reapply in the next week.
  • We work with teachers on individual lesson plans and through practical exercises which they can take into the classroom. This can be extended to annual plans, assessments, and a curriculum suited to your school’s needs.

Theatre Professionals has trained teachers from NSS Hillspring International School, who now teach Pre-Primary and 1st and 2nd Grade under our supervision.

Read more about Preeti Shekawat’s case-study, a home-room teacher who discovered her passion for drama and is now the drama instructor for her school.