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All Learning Happens Through Doing

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What We Do

Theatre Professional’s Drama Methodology has strongly contributed to getting rewarding results… overall focus, listening, and comprehension have become stronger”
Principal, Aditya Birla World Academy


Theatre Professional’s Young People’s Theatre Programme takes Drama exercises developed in the intensely-collaborative environment of the rehearsal room, and applies them to the educational space.

We work with schools and organisations to, in-essence, create a Drama department which provides:

  • Qualified, experienced teams of trained facilitators who are hand-picked to the schools specific needs.
  • A programme that is committed to long term goals, ensuring a continuous journey of learning for the child, the teacher, and the school.
  • Well planed learning processes and performance culminations, all the result of collaborative planning and design.

We believe that the framework of Drama provides experiences through which embodied learning happens – the kind of learning that stays with you for life.

Do explore the spectrum of options we can provide, and contact us so that we can look for ways in which we can make drama work for you.